Horse & Human Training

Let us help train your horse and enrich your equestrian skills through our Playing with Horses Individual Lessons, Play Shops and One-on-One Intensives.

Training people along side their horses is a core part of what we do. We believe that nurturing a connection and understanding between humans and their horses builds a solid foundation for healthy, safe, and meaningful relationships.

Our private training sessions for people run 90 minutes. They are designed to teach and empower the horse owner to learn and grow alongside their horse in the process.  Bring your horse or learn with one of ours.

Our training sessions for your horses vary from 45-90 minutes depending on the situation, and include grooming and turnout.

***Boarding Accommodations are additional for horses in training
and are handled directly through the facility***

Our philosophy, the Heart Play Connection Method introduces core principals to the horse human equation that center on our relationship-based methodology. They rely on trust, empathy, communication, and respect as core values.

We celebrate the horse owner that wants to engage in the process and learn along side their horse.

Teaching you to train your horse using the Heart Play Connection Method will create a bond, and deepen your partnership.    It will enhance and transform your rapport  and improve your results in whichever discipline you practice.

There are three ways we can help you powerfully relate with your horse.

Train privately with us or participate in a CLASS, WORKSHOP,  or ONE-ON-ONE INTENSIVE for the guidance, skills, and support that you need on your journey with your horse.

Upcoming Public Events

Half-Day Class

Connecting with the Healing Power of Horses 1/2 day Event with Lunch Register for Connecting with the Healing Power of Horses June, 11 2011- Private Ranch Lehi, Utah in Lehi, UT  on Eventbrite


Upcoming Workshops:

Intro to Playing with Horses

Introduction to training your horse for all diciplines through play.  Play is serious business when it comes to engaging your horses respect and willingness. learn how.


TBD - Dec 2010 LOCATION: Hunter Arena, Salt lake City, Utah - OPEN TO PUBLIC

TBD - Jan 2011 LOCATION: Kimball Ranch, Heber City Utah  -  OPEN TO PUBLIC


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