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Language of the Heart

"I wanted to work with Lila and her horse partner Sebastian because I learned along time ago to trust the innocence of animals. I went that day to see if they could help me answer a question of personal significance.  Although I was intrigued, I have to admit I have not been around many horses and this was a new experience.  When I walked into the ring, to my surprise, the first indication of the horses innocent acceptance, was to walk side by side with me.   I say side by side, but this enormous horse towered over me.    Lila is encouraged me that this was the horse wanting to connect with me.  I needed that connection that day.  I was asked to find my spot in the ring with the horse circling me...."




Lila you are such a strong, smart, fun woman! You're like the absolute living example of the pheonix !!! Love you!   ~ Erin Landerman

If more people only knew how GREAT Lila is. What makes her gift so needed in the world is that she speaks horse and can introduce us to these great ambassadors so that we can know them (and ourselves!) like never before.    ~Brian R. Davis

You are amazing Lila! A gift to anyone who works with you! You have helped me rock my world!"     ~Valeranne Giovanni

"Don't walk, don't cantor, GALLOP to her course.  It really is effective."

~Dr. Daniel Sternberg

The mini retreat demonstration was a real eye opener for me. The perspective of the herd hierarchy gave me a feeling of peace and acceptance about where I am in my different herds in my life right now. Wow! Thanks to you and your team.     ~Andalucia Guacci



“I have to admit I was kind of surprised that my 18 year old mare could change from disinterested, fearful and distrusting to willing and even excited to work with me.  I can’t recommend you enough, Lila It’s a miracle.”

~Julie D, SLC, UT



"This information is absolutely essential to anyone who wants to share the company of horses in any way.

One of the first things I learned was that to my horse I was yelling.  I had no idea.  Sky thanks you."  ~A. C.  Bountiful, UT

"My horse thanks you."

~Margret B. Draper, UT



“Working with you changed me, my perspective, and understanding about who I am in partnership.  I learned how much I assume in my relationship with my horse and how it leads to continual misunderstandings. You are a voice for the horse.” 

~S. M. SLC, UT




"As a complete equine neophyte, I was amazed that Lila was able to teach me so much in such a short time. The depth of her knowledge is remarkable, as is the way that she transmits it.  In just a few lessons, I found myself feeling MUCH more comfortable, safe and in control around horses. I experienced a remarkable moment of pure bliss and being totally "in the zone" as I was working with Sebastian. Both Lila and Sebastian (the horse instructor) are amazing teachers.  I highly recommend this life-expanding course."

~Suzanne Mark

I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the horses, and then to pull leadership concepts together through non-verbal communication in a group process was surprising and effective.

~ Ingolf Dejong

Observing the horses made me evaluate myself and how I operate with and through others.

~Samantha Anderson

The insights came pouring out, we could have spent another full day dissecting  this experience and how as a team we were going to make changes with the new knowledge.

~T. Anderson

I learned that one way I can improve is by not assuming that people know what I am talking about...ask more clarifying questions, make sure there is is mutual understanding..come up with a plan together  before we talk on the task at hand.
~ Megan Baily


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