Lila speaks about horses with a mystical fervor that transcends how we often experience them in domesticated settings. she is an ambassador for the horse human connection.

Perhaps it is that part of ourselves that feels trapped, restricted, and imposed upon.

Learn how through the lessons of the herd, you can free yourself from those limitations and live your life with more joy and aliveness right now.  A 20 year veteran, coach, master trainer and inspirational muse to many individuals and organizations throughout the US and abroad, Lila’s work has brought her full circle back to her dream of working with people and horses full time.

Ignite your curiosity to live with passion and purpose.

"Lila is a one in a million talent"  Martin Sage

"Listening to Lila speak about horses is like feeling the power of a thundering herd at your back."



Bringing the power, magic and insights to you.  Lila speaks to groups about her experiences empowering women and horses.

Accompanied by soul a stirring visual media program she demonstrates that the messages of horses translate beyond the fields, meadows and mountains of our dreams into our hearts.

Feel the exhilaration of a thundering herd, sense the bond between human and horse. Share in the joy that horses offer, when we only ask. Witness the infectious unbridled enthusiasm, insights and empowerment in the audience as she brings stories and insights from horses that will beckon you to live more freely and allow yourself to experience more presence, play and peace.


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THE Holy Horse Encounter
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