Born horse crazy, she purchased her first relationship with a horse, one shiny quarter at a time. astride a big yellow steel horse named Trigger outside a Sears department store in Southern California.

An innovative visionary in relationship building and collaboration, Lila deftly combines human-dynamics, animal behavior and leadership training into a highly experiential format that gives people and animals new insights into their interpersonal communications, team dynamics, relationships.  Lila is an ambassador for the horse and a bridge between horses and humans.

Innately connected to horses from the beginning of her life, Lila had the good fortune to be raised in a unique learning environment continually inviting her how to think in an increasingly complex and inter-connected world. This environment enabled her to see and interpret whole being solutions for mind, body and spirit.

For more than a quarter of a century, Lila has gained extensive practical experience as a student and trainer. She has developed a (w)holistic and scientific viewpoint about the nature of change that is the foundation that runs through all of her work and life.

In a recent interview, Lila said, “There is a rich world available to humans through the generosity of horses. The relationship with people and animals provides a powerful opportunity for personal growth”  Horses serve as transformational conduits for individuals and organizations wanting to change perspectives, achieve personal productivity and receive lasting results.

As Lila often states, “As I help you deepen your relationship with horses, your ability to perform in partnership with others increases.”

Experiencing this in-dept exploration of horse-human interaction is a daring and life changing catalyst to reconnect individuals to their passion and purpose.

Whether you are focused on leadership, self development or interspecies communication, building lifelong relationships is a cornerstone part to what this work is all about.

Lila now is combining her two passions - horse listening and human empowerment.

She offers workshops, retreats and one-on-one trainings where horses are the stars and co-facilitators.   These highly intuitive, inspiring and enlightening creatures help humans eliminate assumptions and bridge the communication gaps.  Participants come away with a renewed respect and understanding of themselves, each other and their relevant communities.


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