Over the years via email and feedback forms people have asked us questions.  Here on our FAQ pages are answers to commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if with any questions you have.  Thanks.


HOLY HORSE ENCOUNTERS Retreats & Workshops FAQ's

Q – I love horses, but I don’t have any experience with them to speak of. Is the Holy Horse Encounter appropriate for me?

A - Both The Holy Horse Encounter mini-retreat and the 3-day workshop experience were designed for people who have a fascination and desire to learn more about horses and no riding experience is necessary.  One of the programs outcomes is designed to give you a safe introduction into the horses world and expose you to the little known facts about their culture. So if you have a desire to learn more about the magical world of the horse you will love this encounter.

Q – We live near San Francisco, California do you travel here to give you workshops?

A - We are engaged by private groups an individuals all over the country to give workshops, retreats and intensives. Join our mailing list to learn about upcoming events in your area.  You can be an event organizer in your area. Contact us to hear the perks!.

Q – I love the idea of taking a real break to reconnect with myself and nature and have some facilitated workshop programe to assist me in gaining clarity. I am fascinated to learn how you incorporate horses into this adventure.

A -  The Holy Horse Encounter Workshop is a retreat away from the daily experience. A time to reconnect and ask yourself some of those bigger life questions.  Each of us has our own inner knowing ( intuition) and with the help of the horses, we help people discover how to connect what they feel internally to gain clarity for how they want that to show up in their external reality.  We engage with horses as teaching partners because they offer exquisite physical feedback we need to learn just how to put our thoughts and intentions into motion.

Q -  I have always been a lover of horses, since my childhood.  I would really love to ride horses, can I do that a the Holy Horse Encounter?


A - The Holy Horse Encounter  is designed for reflecting, learning and growing.  Depending on the group, we do offer mounted exercises for those who want to, but the nature of the workshop is not about riding in the traditional sense.  We are giving you an opportunity to be with horses in a different way and consider things about yourself and the horses that you may not have considered up to this point.  The next time you do ride a horse will be very different experience.


PLAYING WITH HORSES - Relationship Based Horse Training FAQs

Q –Playing with horses sounds ideal, but how is this training?

A - I love this question thank you for asking.   We have titled our horse training programs Playing with Horses as a motto and reminder that the process needs to be fun for both horse and human.   We focus on the relationship first and find that focusing communication makes the actual training process very smooth.  When mutual respect is in place and the horse understands what is being asked of him, training becomes more of a conversation rather than a one way request. Play comes in as a way to reward the horse as well as an ongoing element to keep the attitude of willingness alive

Q - I have a 12 year old mare, she has been through a lot, can your method help her? How old is too old for training?


A - We look at each horse as an individual and try to steer away from focusing on fixing problems, rather we have found many fears and labeled behavioral issues, are misunderstandings  and habits that with patience, respect and time can be overcome, or a new solution can be found.  Sometimes we need to be flexible and creative in how we deal with challenges, when we are open the doors of communication and understanding with the horses, we can solve many issues.


Q - I have a horse that I want to start over with, what are the best options for me, do you have online course or video training series?

A - We have folks who bring there horses to the facility we currently train from in Utah, we also have clients that contract us out to them and we work with them and their horses in a Private Intensive.  Our method is more about relationship coaching for horse and rider than it is about just training a horse for you.

About training materials and products. Currently we train people and their horses live, but we have been approached about putting together training support materials and are looking to that in the future to support our clients.  With that said, there is no substitute for working with your horse live with a coach and trainer.   If you cant swing a one-oneone intensive, maybe you could consider organizing a group private intensive in your area, there are many benefits to the organizer.




THE NEW HERD - Programs That Enhance Community & Inspire Leadership FAQ's



Q - Our woman's group wants to do something different this year at our annual convention. We have seen some of your materials and are interested in having you speak to us about the feminine leadership model you speak about and share with us some wisdom form the herd. Unfortunately our convention is being held in a very urban area, how can we bring the power of your message without live horses.


A - The feeling of working with horses in a  live demonstration is a visceral and palpable experience I have had people tell me it was one of their most memorable experiences, however when the live interactive demo is not an option we can still connect and share the beauty,magic and thrill of horses with the power of a media presentation.  Working with professional equine photographers and muti-media artists we recreate and share the experience from a different perspective.


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