Collaborations & Partnerships

Committed to lifelong learning and excellence, at Holy Horse Encounters we seek innovators, pioneers and visionaries to collaborate with.  Part of our mission is to be advocates and ambassadors for the HORSE/HUMAN connection.  Partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations helps us bring awareness to the movement.



Equestrian, Pioneer and Author Carolyn Resnick

The minute I finished watching the film Path of the Horse, I knew I had to meet Carolyn Resnick.   I immediately consumed her book Naked Liberty and knew I had found a master.




Chris Harding, Luminary Communication

Creative Consultant and Global Business Advisor

Christopher Harding,founder of Luminary Communications,  a global corporate consulting, training, and coaching firm that specializes in peak performance and cultural transformation.




My Teacher, Mentor and Stately Co-facilitator

Sebastian, my horse partner and friend, is a vital part of Holy Horse Encounters. One of his gits teaching about leadership, temperance and the responsibility of influence.


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