In Our New Herd Concept TM we honor those in our expanded communities.  We are not alone. I believe in these people their services and products. ENJOY!


Marisa Morin

Marisa Morin is a renowned Medical Intuitive and Animal Communicator par excellence.

Starting with a background in biochemistry and dolphin field research, she has taken her profound psychic talents to work in cutting edge medical institutions and research teams.  Marisa has over 20 years equestrian experience and has spent time with wild mustangs in herd settings, collaborated on content for equine experiential programs and provides animal communication for some top racing and training stables in the world.




Deborah Saum

Deborah is a gifted animal communicator as well as painter.  Her images stir your soul.

She is a self taught intuitive painter and natural-born telepath.  You can feel that her images are energetically connected to the animal she is portraying.Debora has been creating her own style of watercolor and acrylic art for over 25 years. Her “Talking Art” has gained national recognition for its remarkable ability to inspire inter-species communication.

See her site and give yourself the gift of a portrait of your animal friend, a fantastic gift idea.


ROMEO by Debora Saum

THUMBS byDebora Saum

PASA FINO by Debora Saum



As Founder and Principal Teacher of Dancemeditation™, Dunya specializes in techniques that open the wonderment of deep, subtle, peaceful self-perception.

I studied with this amazing award wining pioneer in dance for several years in the early 90’s.  Dunya's meditative method encourages your inner beauty to become visible and her gentle facilitation style is easy and nurturing. If you are a dancer or want to find a new style of body movement for relaxation, flexibility and meditation I cant recommend her retreats enough.


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